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Fast X made sure to keep fans hanging as the credits rolled. Dante Reyes’ (Jason Momoa) quest for revenge against Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family is far from over. Fast X is expected to be the first installment of a final trilogy of Fast films, and the movie definitely set the stage for the 11th Fast & Furious film.
The last act of Fast X included a devastating loss, a plane crash, and a major cliffhanger. Let’s break down all the major moments of the Fast X ending.
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Jason Momoa as Dante Reyes. (Universal Studios)
Everything came to a head for Dom and Dante in Portugal. Jakob (John Cena) traveled to Portugal with little Brian (Leo Abelo Perry) and made it safely to Jakob’s secret meeting place. However, Dante figured out their location, which mean Jakob and Brian had to go on the run fast. They hopped in Jakob’s car and set out on the road.
During a wild car chase, Brian climbed out of Jakob’s car to fix part of the vehicle that was jammed. In the process, Dante was able to get a hold of Brian and threw him in the passenger seat of his car. Dom wasn’t far behind Jakob, Brian, and Dante. Jakob was running out of gas and knew there was only one way for Dom to be able to catch up to Dante without getting held back by Dante’s goons.
Jakob sacrificed himself for his brother, even though Dom begged him not to. Dom watched in horror as Jakob died after he crashed his car into Dante’s henchmen, preventing them from getting to Dom. Soon, two helicopters came after Dom, but they were no match for him.
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Vin Diesel’s Dom takes on helicopters. (Universal Studios)
Once Dom was side-by-side with Dante’s car, Brian proved he is definitely his father’s son by leaping from Dante’s car into the safety of his father’s car.
Dante vowed to make Dom suffer, and he wasn’t done yet. Turns out, Agent Aimes (Alan Ritchson) was working for Dante the entire time, so Dom and Brian had no way out. Just when it seemed like Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tej (Ludacris), Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel), and Han (Sung Kang) were going to come in for the epic save, their plane was taken down by Dante. The plane crashed offscreen, and the fates of our faves remain unknown.
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It seemed like there was no way out for Dom and little Brian, especially with two massive trucks barreling toward them. Suddenly, Dom came up with a last-minute plan. He revved his engine and raced his car over the bridge onto the dam below. The trucks crashed above him, so a fireball chased him down the dam. Dom and Brian were nearly engulfed, but their car made it to the water safely.
Nathalie Emmanuel and Sung Kang as Ramsey and Han. (Universal Studios)
Dante watched all the mayhem happen from above and declared Dom’s “suffering” was over. “It’s time for you to die,” Dante said. He came overprepared with more bombs on the bridge. Dom and Brian were left looking up at the bridge with all the bombs set to go off at any moment. While their lives are in jeopardy, Dom and Brian will likely make it out of this nasty situation alive.
Meanwhile, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and Cipher (Charlize Theron) manage to escape the secret facility in Antarctica. When they make it outside, they soon get some help from someone Fast fans know and love. Gal Gadot’s Gisele Yashar returned to the Fast franchise via a massive submarine. Her character supposedly died in Fast & Furious 6, but she’s alive and well!
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