What made me laugh like a hyena that had consumed all the 3,000 kgs of drugs found at Adani’s port in Gujarat was Sitharaman’s response to a question on the recent violence at Lakhimpur Kheri, instigated by yet another BJP leader’s son (Geez, what is it with BJP leaders’ sons?). He allegedly ran over farmers who were allegedly protesting peacefully and allegedly shot a few.I reiterate the word allegedly even though video footage exists, because his daddy is in the all-powerful Union Home Ministry, and such men are dangerous. Sitharaman sanctimoniously said the incident was “absolutely condemnable”. She was asked why there was no word on this from Emperor Lie-a-lot and his senior ministers, and why there is a ‘defensive reaction’ when somebody asks questions about such things, and she uttered some meaningless rubbish again. Incidentally, did you see a tweet condemning the incident from Sitharaman herself? I didn’t.Unfortunately for the nation, Emperor Lie-a-lot has inspired (or perhaps, ordered) his ministers to lie as brazenly as he does. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is now pretending that Gandhiji was a dear old buddy of the fascist, bigoted Sangh Parivar. It’s quite possible that the Sangh Parivar held a “high level” meeting to discuss Savarkar’s whingeing mercy petitions. They like to be seen as strong people, not the pitiful, insecure, small-minded, intolerant chaps they really are.


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