ANANTAPUR: At least 42 girls of the Tribal Girls Residential School at Neravada in Panyam mandal of Nandyal district suffered food poisoning after having snacks in their hostel on Thursday night.

Two of them became serious and authorities admitted them to Nandyal District General Hospital, where they have recovered.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the snacks the girls ate on Thursday evening had been stale. 12 girls complained of severe stomach pain soon after having their snacks and started vomiting.

School authorities shifted them to the Nandyal District Hospital. A little later, another 30 students fell severely ill and authorities shifted them to the same hospital. All the students, from class VI to IX, have recovered and are now well.

Doctors said the food the girls ate had been contaminated.

PDSU district president S.M. Rafi alleged the school principal and hostel staff are being negligent in providing quality food to tribal girls. This is the reason why there are frequent cases of food poisoning, student organisations and tribal welfare associations stated.

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