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The Twilight film saga celebrated its 10th anniversary of the last movie just six months ago and Taylor Lautner, 31, just revealed that he had some “resentment” at the height of it all on May 17. While appearing on The Happy Hour on TODAY Show Radio alongside his wife, Tay Dome, the Hollywood hunk opened up about his time playing Jacob Black. Despite having “only fond memories,” years later, the 31-year-old noted that there was “resentment deep in there,” for not having a sense of normalcy in his life.

“Yeah. But I do think that also needed the space because – I was always incredibly thankful, and feel super blessed for what it brought me,” he said. “But maybe there was a little bit of like resentment deep in there going like, ‘I wish I could have just experienced this part of normalcy’. Now, I wouldn’t change it. But I think it needed the growth to get to that place.” The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl star played Jacob from 2008 until the last film in the saga premiered in 2012.
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His wife, also named Taylor (AKA Tay), was not Team Jacob back in the day, Lautner revealed. “The problem is when she was watching it, she was saying that about Edward,” her man joked. After chucking it off, the blonde beauty admitted, “‘Yeah. I was, I was [Team Edward].” Lautner and his love got married in Nov. 2022 and held a romantic ceremony near Paso Robles, California after dating for about four years.
Taylor Lautner reflected on his time in the ‘Twilight’ film saga in a new interview. (Shutterstock/Summit Entertainment)
Lautner’s latest interview comes just one day after he reacted to his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift announcing that she’s re-releasing her 2010 album Speak Now this summer. “I think it’s a great album. Yeah, I feel safe,” he told TODAY.com on May 16. “Praying for John,” he added, jokingly referring to Swift’s ex, John Mayer, 45. The next day, he and his wife took to her TikTok account and posted a video of Lautner getting on his knees to “pray for John.” During his chat with the radio show hours later, he confirmed it was merely for laughs.

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“I don’t know if it was the wisest thing to say. I was definitely joking,” he said in regards to the “praying for John,” comment. Tay jumped in and revealed that she was shocked he said that. “He said that and then I was like, ‘Okay, guess you’re going with that,’” the nurse quipped. Lautner emphasized that Tay was aware that his comment would go viral.
“Yeah. She knew immediately. She’s like, that’s gonna really trigger the Swifties. Or, I mean, they’re supportive of it because, I mean, I don’t know,” he added. “I personally think John is a very talented musician, but I am aware of a couple songs that were on that album.” When asked if the couple are fans of his ex girlfriend’s music, the Twilight alum did not hesitate. “Absolutely. I mean, she’s like a diehard Swiftie,” he concluded.
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