Sidharth isn’t sure how long the wait is going to be. “No one is sure. Nothing is certain at the moment. We don’t know which way the virus will go. We can only wait for the vaccine. In the meanwhile the lockdown is gradually being eased. Soon, we may be able to go back to work. But how? Have you seen how a film or television set is? Do you know the number of people there? Lightboys cameramen etc have to be right next to you. Can’t be avoided. How do we observe social distancing on the sets?”In the meanwhile Sidharth is happy to be home. “I admit I am getting restless. But that’s okay. I am leading a disciplined life in lockdown. The only indulgence is sleep. I allow myself to wake up anytime I want to. It could be in the afternoon also. The day begins for me whenever I wake up.”As for getting restless at home Sidharth says, “Even when there was no lockout I spent most of my time at home when I wasn’t working. I don’t socialize. I don’t party, Being at home with my family is for me the best way to spend my time. Lockdown or no lockdown, that’s how I like it.”


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