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Scream 5

A new ‘Scream’ featurette shares ‘shocking’ and scary details about the latest installment of the franchise, revealing Ghostface’s next target plus more plot twists and turns.

The fifth installment of the Scream movies is set to arrive in January 2022, but fans are already in high anticipation for what’s to come from the horror flick. Lucky for them, a featurette just dropped, with some talking heads from the cast plus more details of the plot. “Ghostface is back and scary as ever,” actress Courteney Cox states in the video, which also includes tidbits from Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and the newest class of victims.
“Now’s the time to make a new Scream,” original screenwriter Kevin Williamson states in the featurette. “We had a special story to tell that connects the legacy cast members with the new cast into the world of Woodsboro.”

Melissa Berrera, who plays Sam Carpenter, explained a bit of the plot fans took note of in the trailer, saying that her character becomes “the target” of Ghostface — much like Campbell’s Sydney in the original — and that she then seeks the help of Dewey, or Sheriff Dwight “Dewey” played by Arquette. Dylan Minnette, who plays a new character named Wes Hicks, described the new film as “the perfect mix of new energy and also keeping it what made it so special in the first place.”
There’s also a quote from Cox — the original reporter Gale Weathers – detailing the topsy-turvy story that’s set to shock and scare fans. “There are things that happen in this that are kind of shocking. I still can’t believe it,” she states as we see a clip of her screaming. “I don’t think it’s exactly what people are expecting,” Jack Quaid adds about the surprising script.

In addition, at one point, Sydney and Gale are standing outside of what appears to be the house from the climax of the first movie and hear a scream in the distance. “Sounds about right,” Gale deadpans, echoing the witty charm that’s infused the franchise since its inception.
Scream movie poster (Paramount Pictures/Everett Collection)The original trio of Campbell, Cox, and Arquette will be joined by new cast members Melissa, Dylan, Jack, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mikey Madison, Sonia Ammar, Mason Gooding, and Kyle Gallner. Marley Shelton, who first appeared in Scream 4, will return as well. Although fans refer to the movie as Scream 5, the official title is simply Scream. “This is the fifth one. It’s not Scream 5, though. This is Scream,” Cox  said on The Drew Barrymore Show in May 2021. “These directors are incredible. They’re making it absolutely, it’s a new franchise. It’s hip, it’s scary, it’s just a new Scream. It’s not a reboot, it’s not a remake, it’s just a brand-new launch. I think it’s going to be fantastic.”

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