Hyderabad: Over 50 criminal cases in Telangana state alone and several more cases across the country, investigated by multiple Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) did not deter MLM giant Qnet from successfully running its illegal businesses from the Swapnalok complex, leaving them all in the dark.

Telangana CID has also registered eight cases against Qnet. Three of them are charge-sheeted and pending trial and five more are in the High Court, as the accused had moved the High Court against the investigation, sources confirmed.
While the lack of coordinated action on Qnet cost six persons their lives, the deadly fire has in a way saved several other new investors from falling into the trap.

TSRTC MD V.C. Sajjanar also called for stringent and continued action to uproot the illegal business.

A youth from the Suryapet district had in January 2022 lodged a complaint with police about how he was defrauded by Qnet operating from the Swapnalok Complex, but his complaint was not accepted in the city and he was directed to Suryapet police to lodge a formal complaint, which was also turned down, without any reason.

“Even today I do not know why my complaint was not taken. Had something done then, these innocent people would not have lost their lives,” he said. He got introduced to Qnet through one of the victims who lost their lives in the Thursday inferno and had also invested Rs 1.50 lakh.

If all the LEAs were in proper coordination and acted promptly on time, this office would have been closed by now and it could have definitely averted this tragedy, a senior police official said.

Sajjanar said while the cause of the fire and the lapses that led to it has to be thoroughly investigated, the Qnet operating from this building has to be investigated by a specialised wing, which only can unravel the dark side of Qnet.
“The employees who were working with them also need to be questioned about how they were lured into these illegal schemes and the truth has to be brought out to prevent more gullible victims from becoming prey to these fraud companies,” he added.

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