Image Source : PTI Petrol, diesel prices today: Fuel rates hiked again for 4th consecutive day
Petrol and diesel prices reached all-time high as fuel rates continued to rise by 35 paise/litre across the country for the fourth consecutive day on Sunday. 

With this hike, in Delhi, prices of petrol and diesel raised by Re 0.35 to Rs 105.84/litre while diesel will now cost Rs 94.57/litre respectively in Delhi today

In Mumbai, petrol prices increased by ₹0.34 to ₹111.77 while the cost of diesel increased by ₹0.37 to ₹102.52.

Similarly, after 4th consecutive hike, petrol and diesel have been priced at ₹106.43 per litre and ₹97.68 per litre respectively in Kolkata. 

In Chennai, petrol and diesel cost ₹103.01 per litre and ₹98.92 per litre respectively.

In Bengaluru, petrol is available at  ₹109.53 per litre and diesel at  ₹100.37 and in Hyderabad, one litre of petrol is now available at  ₹110.09 and diesel cost  ₹103.08 for one litre of diesel.

Oil companies started raising auto fuel prices over a week ago. The pause on the prices on October 12 and 13 came after a seven-day consecutive rise. Today, the prices were raised for the third consecutive day after a two-day pause. 

Prices differ from state to state depending on the incidence of local taxes. 

On September 28 for gasoline and September 24 for diesel, a three-week respite in rates was broken by a spike in worldwide oil prices.

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