India’s 50 percent staff to return to the offices


India's 50 percent staff to return to the offices

According to the Nasscom-Indeed survey, while both employees and employers are equally interested in making a comeback to the workplace in a hybrid setup, the female workforce in the tech industry in India is equally interested in returning to the workplace and adapting to newer working models. The report shows, 28 percent of employees are interested in returning to the workplace in a month. 24 per cent of the workforce would prefer to return to the workplace after 6 months. The sales head, of, in India, Sashi Kumar, said, “Since the pandemic hit businesses across the globe, pushing employees indoors, many believed that the future of work was ‘remote’. However, organisations and employees gradually realised that remote work is an outcome of the pandemic and not an evolved approach to workplace planning.” The recent survey conducted by Nasscom and Indeed also stated that over 81 percent of organisations expressed that employee health and safety remains the key consideration for them while reopening the offices, 72 percent of organisations are looking at operating at a maximum of 50 percent employee capacity starting next year itself. Meanwhile, the top three reasons for employers to get employees back to the workplace are maintaining organisational culture, data/ cybersecurity, and managing critical business functions.

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