Like somebody said, there’s no “conscience” left in the Americans, or the Pakistanis; forget the Chinese and the Russians. What about we Indians, do we have a conscience? The fact is, Pakistanis are having a ball ever since August 15, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoisted the tricolour from the ramparts of the Red Fort, and the Taliban and their ISIS cohorts drove their SUVs into the parking lot of the Presidential Palace in Kabul.On August 15 2021, Pakistanis on social media labelled India “loser”, and Pakistan “victor”. For a big swathe of Pakistanis, it was sweet revenge, for “1971”. Pakistani panelists on Indian media talk shows gloated, but unaccustomedly held their calm against the loud voices of Indian counterparts, who had a time holding to their ground.India was no longer “Chaudhary of South Asia”. More shocking, Narendra Modi stood worsted in the ‘Great Game”. Defeated by a cricketer-turned-politician, a novice with “nothing between his ears”, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.


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