MUMBAI: Actor Genelia Deshmukh has opened up about her experience hosting the show ‘Ladies vs Gentleman’ with her husband Riteish Deshmukh.

According to her, hosting with Riteish is “no doubt a joy ride but it can also lead to a lot of meaningful debates” between them.

“Hosting a show like Ladies vs Gentleman with your best friend and husband is no doubt a joy ride but it can also lead to a lot of meaningful debates between us. This is especially when you have no idea what questions will come your way through the show. I find it really interesting to see Riteish’s reactions to some of the debates between the panellists as well,” Genelia shared.

‘Ladies vs Gentleman’ is an interactive game show, where celebrities debate over a range of questions about the two genders. The show’s second season recently premiered on Flipkart Video.

Riteish has also shared his experience of co-hosting the show with Genelia.

“I couldn’t be happier to return to the stage with Genelia once again. While in real life we are one team, on Ladies vs Gentlemen we do find each other in the middle of a debate. So it’s really fun to learn new things about each other, contradict each other and even take a stand for what we truly believe in as individuals. It brings us closer to each other. Hosting this show is a great experience and it’s always interesting to see these debates live in action,” he added. 


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