D Raja bats for Opposition unity-


D Raja bats for Opposition unity-

Express News Service

NEW DELHI: Amid the poor electoral performances, Communist Party of India (CPI) on Friday called upon the Opposition parties, especially the Left ones, to come together for an “ideological battle” against the BJP-RSS in the larger interest of nation.

It said if the Left wants to play a crucial role against the BJP-RSS combine, then it will have to connect with people.

Accusing the RSS of running a propaganda machinery to divert people’s attention from the real issues and dubbing all kind of dissent as anti-national, the CPI said that country now demands an ‘uncompromising ideological battle’ against the right wingers.

D Raja-the general secretary of Communist Party of India, who was also the Member of Parliament from 2007-09, said: “The task before the Left today is complex, like in the times of the freedom movement. We live in a time where caste discrimination, communal polarisation and gender disparity are looking at us with renewed vigour under the rule of BJP-RSS”.

Accusing the RSS of running propaganda machinery, Raja further said that the challenge of RSS’ divisive narrative has risen to astronomical proportions in the last few years.

He also stressed that the people are reeling under inflation, inequality, hunger and destitution and the assault of neo-liberal capitalism that has started corroding the national assets.

Outlining the need of Opposition parties coming together, he added that that the BJP-RSS combine in the country is eating away the hard-won freedoms and inclusive legacy of the independence movement.  

He stressed upon the need of the Left to play a crucial role through a programme.

“Engulfed in this crisis, the importance of ideology and its battle has become a starkly clear. Secular, democratic and progressive opposition parties coming together and defeating the BJP is the most immediate part of this programme”, he categorically stressed.

Terming the RSS as the votaries of ‘Manusmriti’, the CPI’s general secretary stated that the Sangh is rooted in divisive, violent ideas and politics.

“They (RSS people) are marked by the contempt for our Constitution and steadfast orientation towards a theocratic, hierarchical society along the lines of patriarchy, caste, religion and gender”, he alleged.

Thus, the situation emerged in the country demands an ‘uncompromising ideological battle ‘against BJP-RSS combine. 

“The left has to play its crucial role in this battle. That alone will connect us with people so that political and electoral battles can be won. The role of Left will also have an impact on secular democratic forces to have clarity on ideological issues”, he said.

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