“It was all along expected lines, and we decided to be much more discreet. Apart from that, the next morning, we simply created another profile on Facebook,” they confided.“These activities are heldbehind closed doors and between consenting adults. It is nobody’s business but theirs,” Raha said. But she also felt that such encounters were like ‘playing with dynamite’. “Nobody knows how it may turn out. I think you need to be quite hard-headed and a bit cynical to be able to indulge in serial swapping and not suffer from any emotional blowbacks,” she said.Ahluwalia said entering into such a dalliance could turn life upside down. “Human sexuality is such a complex subject that we still don’t understand several aspects fully. Going in for this lifestyle could well jeopardise a marriage if either of the people concerned are unable to handle the emotions it could trigger.”A Dubai-based Indian couple, who claimed to be swinging for several years, had another take.“Live-in relationships in our society have been around long enough to gain social and even legal acceptance. Premarital sex is fairly common, with even school going kids and teenagers known to be indulging in sexual experiments. As for extramarital sex, it too has been around since long. It is not cheating if the partner knows about it,” said the male partner.“It is also not just about having sex but about having fun. Couples hang out together, have meals at nice places and generally have a good time, with some of them developing lifelong friendships,” he said.As long as care is taken to protect privacy and toxic people are not allowed, we firmly believe in the maxim that ‘a couple which plays together, stays together’.”


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