Britney Spears’ Feelings About End Of Conservatorship Hearing – Hollywood Life


Britney Spears’ Feelings About End Of Conservatorship Hearing – Hollywood Life

Britney Spears is ready ‘to do all of the things she wanted to do’ as the Nov. 12 court date that will the future of her conservatorship looms.

Britney Spears, 39, is emotional as she nears freedom from her 13 year long conservatorship: a court date is set for November 12 where a judge will decide whether to terminate the legal arrangement for good. “Britney is beside herself and broke down in tears of joy because she now knows with no hesitation that she is getting her life back,” an insider tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.
As Britney said during her court testimonies, she simply wants her freedom back to marry fiancé Sam Asghari, 27, and indulge herself in basic luxuries like getting her hair and makeup done. “She will be able to do all of the things she has always wanted to do and with Sam by her side she feels safe. He wont let anything ever happen to her and her friends trust him more than anything,” they explained.

Britney Spears. (DFree/Shutterstock)“Britney has been locked in hell for 13 years and she is not ready to let her dad off the hook just because he is ready to give up. But at this point, she knows that she is free and that is all she’s wanted and prayed for for over a decade. Her friends are all celebrating this and are really emotional too because everyone around her knows what a toll this has taken on her and no one who knows and loves her has ever approved of what was going on,” the source also said.

Britney’s father Jamie Spears filed legal papers agreeing to step down as the conservator of his daughter’s estate on August 12, and he was replaced with accountant John Zabel. On November 1, Jamie once again filed documents to end the arrangement altogether — asking for a judge to sign off on the petition by Tuesday. Beyond her dad finally agreeing to her multiple requests — which she expressed in two back-to-back court testimonies — the pop star has had the immense support of her fans via the #FreeBritney movement.
In recent weeks, Britney has taken to social media to share two vacations to tropical destinations with Sam as her upcoming court date looms. “Britney isn’t really doing anything to prepare for her upcoming court date. She’s just relaxing, spending time with Sam. She’s praying a lot,” a second source revealed. “Britney is very religious and spiritual. She’s really hoping this conservatorship ends before 2022 and she can start fresh. She’s feeling as hopeful as she ever has.”

The Louisiana native also has wedding bells on her brain: she has asked fans for their thoughts on where she and Sam should tie the knot, suggesting Italy, Greece, Australia, or New York City. While no details have been set in stone about her wedding just yet, Britney is obviously ecstatic about the next chapter with Sam, who she met while filming the “Slumber Party” video in 2016. “She’s excited for the future and she has no real plans if it does come to an end…She continues reading every single comment from her fans and they are really what have gotten her through this hell she’s endured,” they also told HL.

Of course, many fans are eagerly waiting for new music: Brit hasn’t released a new album since 2016’s Glory, marking one of the biggest gaps in her careers between albums. As she stated in various Instagram posts, she doesn’t want to work until the conservatorship is over — also alleging that she was “forced” to work by her father Jamie in a court testimony.

“She wants to just continue to live her life and has even told those close to her she’s fine not working again, but she has gone back and forth on that. She’s just going to see where life takes her. She will probably celebrate on a vacation with Sam somewhere to start and spend time with her boys,” they insider spilled, referring to her sons Jayden James, 15, and Sean Preston, 15.

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